Sky Lanterns have been there for decades as far back as the 3rd Century BC and become a fun event for the entire family these days. Sky Lanterns is a long lasting experience and is much safer than fireworks. A paper flying hot air balloon which can rise for up to 800 meters and travel for kilometres, experience one of the most magical, breath taking sights you, your family or guests will ever experience. 

Sky Lanterns are perfect for weddings, new year eve parties, valentine events, birthdays, corporate events and many more.

Safety is a huge priority when lighting Sky Lanterns, please take extra good care and act responsible


  • If you plan an event please consult the SA Weather Services, especially when dealing with storing winds. 
  • DO NOT!!! release the sky lanterns in windy conditions, this could cause serious implications in setting something nearby alight due to winds stronger than 7- 10 km/ph; 
  • Familiarise yourself with the lantern before lighting and launching them;
  • Adult supervision is a must when small children takes part in launching the lanterns, ensure to keep them away from the ignition part not to get burned or injured ;
  • When sky lanterns are lid, it should be clear of buildings, thatched roofs, high trees, dry crops and mountains.
  • Please allow at least 2 – 4 minutes for the lantern to fill with hot air before releasing, it result in premature landing.
  • DO NOT!! release sky lanterns within a 10km radius of an operational airport or landing strip.
  • Make sure you have water and/or fire extinguishers at hand

Pls Note that Lady Swan and its owners are not liable or responsible for any loss or damage to property and/or persons resulting from the release of lanterns supplied by us.

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Garsfontein Pretoria South Africa
Garsfontein Pretoria South Africa
Pretoria South Africa
South Africa
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